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It is very common for free websites to ask for money donations to cover their operating costs. I don't like this approach. I'd rather ask you to became an author.

If you would like to support this website, instead of money donations, you could prepare a test from your favourite topic.

Every website have operating costs, but for me this spiritual help is much more useful than material donations.

I am very happy, that idea came from a users of the site, with request to publish their test!

If you would like to prepare a test, here are the instructions:

  1. Choose category and title of the test.
  2. Find some source on internet (for example on Wikipedia), this will be the recommended literature for the test.
  3. Prepare your questions and answeres In Excel (or Google Drive Sheets, it's free). First cell is a question, next to it are answeres. Correct answeres starts with asterisk (*). Optimal is 10-20 questions with 2-6 options (answeres).
  4. Select cells in Excel and Copy-Paste it to this page.


My first question answer 1 *good answer answ2 answ3
My second q option 1 option 2 *good option 3 *another good option 4
Is true or false? *True False    

Column A contents questions. Next to it are answeres (optimal 4, but any number is accepted). Correct answer starts with asterisk (*).

Upload the test:

Your Email: Not visible on site, used only if we have some question about test!
Title of the test:
Source URL for recommended literature:
Recommended is the page on Wikipedia, example:
Test by.. Your name or nickname, monograms.. anything you want to appear on test page.
Test (copy-paste from Excel or Google Sheets):
Note: Every test is moderated! There is no garantee that every test will appear on website in original form. You will be contacted with suggestions.


Advanced instructions:

Optional: Beautiful math equations.

If you want to use nice math equations, start the title of the test with # sign (this will load mathjax in background). In text, where you want to have nice equations write the expression between ` (backticks) signs ( ` and not ' ). More info on Example: These equations can bee seen in Linear equations test (Q7..Q11). Usage:

#This is my test title

`1/2=0.5` will result: 1 =0.5

Optional: Images in test:

Questions on this site are primary textual, but since 2019-01-20 you can add few images too (up 5 images per test). Few important rules:
- images will be reduced to max 400×400 pixels (to stay mobile-friendly)
- don't use copyright images (most images used on Wikipedia are actually on Wikimedia Commons, if you click on image, you can see more details). It's recommended to use your own images if possible. You can attribute the author after image is uploaded (on last step).
- up to 5 questions can have image too. Images can be added in last step, after you submit and save the textual part of the test.

Example, check the Q6 in Michelangelo test.