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About me

My name is Dr. Igor Gaspar, I am the founder and editor of the website. I work as teacher and researcher on Szent István University in Hungary. My native language is Serbian and Hungarian but I fluently speak English too. Most of the tests are created by me, most of them are in categories: Geography, IT, Math, Movies (Sci-Fi), Physics, Sport, Tech and Vehicles. My family and friends helps me to create tests in other categories. I am not perfect, I can do mistakes too, if you notice an error, please inform me over contact page.

Every part of this website will be forever free.

If you would like to support this website, I don't ask for money donations, but if you are familiar with some interesting topic, you could create your own test, read the process on My Test page.

It is very common for free websites to ask for money donations to cover their operating costs. I don't like this approach. I'd rather ask you to became an author.

About site

Purpose of the site: Learning with fun. Find category/test, read Literature if you want to, then start with test. If your test result will be 50% or more, system will generate a Certificate image and link. You can share or save this page or image.

Scoring system

Every question worth max 1 point. Part points are generated if there are more than 1 good answer for question (example 2 out of 3 worth 2/3 = 0.67 pt.). Final score is percentage calculated from:
points / questions × 100%.

If it's your first attempt you will get stamp with this notification. Only first attempts are recorded for average score of the test.

first attempt

Navigation through test page

Some test page may be very long, it may be annoying to scroll. For example when you click on Submit, system will notice unanswered questions, and you want to jump directly to that question.